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3 Natural Ways to Treat Hemorrhoids

Illy Lala Lovely - Piles caused by dilation and inflammation of the veins (behind) on the anus or rectum. Dilation and inflammation is caused due to the movement of hard stools and pressure on the blood vessels there.

Factors causing the hemorrhoid hard habit BAB (bowel movements). At this habit, they often cause people to push so hard that trigger hemorrhoid.

"This hemorrhoid disease is a disease marked pain in the rectum."

This hemorrhoid disease is a disease marked pain in the rectum. Although relatively harmless, but the hemorrhoid is very disturbing. With emphasis on fiber foods and water consumption, could be a step to solve problems of this disease.

Being Divided hemorrhoid 4 Grade

There are several types of hemorrhoids, there are exit only at BAB and after that can go back into the anus (with the help of a hand or not), but some are hard to get in return. Piles considered dangerous if it comes out and pinched, and should get treatment as soon as possible.

In medical science, hemorrhoids are divided into four kinds grade, namely Grade 1, grade 2, grade 3 and grade 4. Fourth grade this is considered dangerous because of the position sandwiched hemorrhoid and can cause bleeding. In fact, sometimes there were forced to wear diapers all to hold the speed of bleeding.

3 Steps to Overcome Piles

To overcome this hemorrhoid problem, there are some tips that can be applied in addition to the provision of medical drugs. The key is daily eating pattern that will affect whether or not current bowel movements.

1. Routine Consumption of fibrous food.

The first solution that can be applied is often consume fibrous foods. In the healthy condition, BAB will take place every day. If you are found not CHAPTER exceed one day, or to a count of days, then this should be cause for concern.

Examples of the recommended fiber foods are papaya or spinach. Avoid eating fruit or spicy foods, fatty or acidic because these foods can make the stool becomes hard and resulted in pushing the process too long and difficult.

2. Expand Drinking Water.

The next easiest way to cure hemorrhoids is to consume enough water because by consuming water, feces will tend to soften. While the recommended is to drink water as much as 1.5 to 2 liters per day.

3. Make it a habit to not Withstand BAB.

Do not get refrain from defecating because it can result in feces harden and make the push into a long process. If you are having trouble BAB, try to consume a glass of warm water in the morning before defecation. BAB is not smooth can also be caused due to a lack of fluid in the body.

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